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Green Smoothie (CLACS) brings freshness and vitality to your body and skin

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If you are a person who suffer from bloating, bad digestion, constipation, Persistent fatigue that decrease your daily activities and increase the percentage of fat and cholesterol of your body, we highly recommend you to try this green smoothie as it detox your body and removes all your concerns about the mentioned signs of an unhealthy body. For sure, consistency in using the smoothie is important to see the results.

All what you need to make your green smoothie for two glasses are:

1- Celery: 2 branches 2- Spinach (can be replaced by any other vegetables with dark green leaves): 5 gr. 3- cucumber (can be replaced with Kiwi or strawberry): 1 medium size 4- lemon: half without skin 5- Apple: 1 6- water: 1/2 glass (depends on how thin you would like to drink your smoothie)

How to make your Green Smoothie?!

How to make your Green Smoothie?! It is very simple, easy and fast. Take the required amounts of the vegetables (you can make more and keep it in the fridge for max 2 days) and wash very well. Chop all of them and put them in a mixer.  Based one your preference to have a thick or thin smoothie, for each glass of smoothie you can add 1/2 or 1/4 glass of water. 

How to use:

Take one glass in the morning, after waking up and one in the evening, at least an hour before dinner.

Enjoy ;)

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