The Lost Civilization of Man

The ancient tomb of a strange man discovered in Egypt


Archaeologists discover strange Egyptian tomb in Egypt that appears to have belonged to a man named Tjt.

Archaeologists discover strange Egyptian tomb in Egypt that appears to have belonged to a man named Tjt.

The tomb is near Aswan and along the Nile. Hieroglyphic texts hanged on wooden casket fragments of this corpse show that the grave contained the body of a mysterious man named Tjt

Although the tomb was exclusively owned by Tjt,   But inside the tomb are other bodies, including several mummies, some of them children

There are two mummies riding on each other, indicating that they were most likely mother and child. It is likely that the tomb was built between the 6th century BC and the fourth century AC. Inside the tomb are also found various handicraft items, including decorated pots and tall jars.

Archaeologists also found fragments of a gold-coated mask in the tomb;   And they also found a statue of a bird known as the Ba-bird.   This bird s head actually represented the spirit of the deceased. The statue of this bird can be found in many tombs.   The statue has always been depicted as a bird with a human head and represents a spirit that remains with the human body.

Also found are remains of materials used to prepare mummies, such as containers containing asphalt or asphalt used to protect the body. There were also special boxes with mummy essentials. The text referred to the owner of the corpse; there was a reference to the name (topi) being the god of the floods.    The floods that accumulated fertile soil around the Nile river and helped the Egyptians cultivate and harvest crops.

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