The Lost Civilization of Man

What is the reason for drawing this strange painting?


A sixteenth-century painting on oak. This painting is full of miniature images of men, women and children and animals doing a series of weird and unusual things. In this painting; You see some really strange and so cool images.

If you go to the Museum of Art Gallery in the Berlin, a strange painting catches your eye: a painting on oak form the 16th century, which is full of miniature images of men, women, children and animals that do strange and unusual things.

In the painting(above), you see strange and interesting things.

For example, a man is biting a wooden pole, or the other one suddenly turns his bowl over to throw food on the floor. This strange painting was painted by Peter Bruegel, a famous Dutch painter who was one of the most famous artists of the Renaissance. The name of this painting is "Dutch proverbs" and in fact it contains more than 100 Dutch proverbs in a visual and tangible way. Originally, the painting was called "People's Stupidity", and Bruegel's purpose in drawing them was not only to depict proverbs, but also to draw people's stupid deeds. Many of these proverbs emphasize the strange and aimless behavior of people.

You may ask why proverbs were so important to Bruegel that he decided to paint them. In the time of Bruegel and in the years that followed, people used proverbs in daily conversations, and the writings of Dutch and Finnish writers were full of various proverbs.

The number of these proverbs was so large that about 800 proverbs were published in a book and 8 years later the number of this collection reached more than 3,000. Of course this upward trend continued, and in 1536, when the author of the book died, the number of these proverbs had reached 4,000. This book is today one of the most comprehensive and authoritative Dutch books in the field of proverbs. This painting is not the first and only work by Bruegel on proverbs. In 1558, he decided to draw 12 famous proverbs on 12 separate paintings.

This is not pieter bruegels first and only work of proverbs, he decided to draw four famous proverbs on three separate boards in the year one year before drawing it.

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