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The Devil's Footprint at the Munich German Cathedral


this post has a look at Devils footprint, which is located in the Cathedral of Munich in Germany.

Teufelstritt ”is located in the Cathedral of Munich in Germany This church, dating from the 15th century, is today the residence of the Archbishop of Munich The church was built over a period of 20 years, between 1468 and 1488, by the renowned architect Jörg von Halsbach

One of the strangest attractions of this church is the strange footstep known as the Devil s Footstep. According to some local legend, the church was faced with a shortage of funds during the construction of the church, the architect negotiating with the devil to finish it, and he finished the church construction.

Satan asks the church architect not to put any windows in the church walls so that light cannot find a way into it. After the church construction is over, the devil returns to see if the architect has kept his promise. The devil realizes that there are several windows in the walls, so he angrily carves his foot on the church's floor.

This black footprint is nowadays one of Munich s tourist attractions

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