The Lost Civilization of Man

The power of colors to affect our bodies, our spirits and our emotions

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Each chakra is associated with a specific color. In fact, there are colors everywhere you look. You can not imagine a place without color. The existence of human colored halos and the existence of all the colors of the rainbow on this amazing planet is not accidental. Have you ever considered treating diseases with dyes?

Have you ever imagined a place without color? Or find a place empty of color? We owe all beauty to colors, but colors are not just what you see and are much more powerful than you think. Have you ever thought about treating rare diseases using dyes?

From ancient times the great countries like China, Egypt and Greece have been researching color therapy and have succeeded in opening the mysterious doors of a new science to the world. And they were known for curing certain diseases using dyes The following are examples of this: • Painting rooms with different colors to treat certain diseases • Use of natural colors in the environment (blue of the sky and green of the grass) • Treatment rooms in which crystals were used to decompose sunlight Today, human beings try to calm the environment with colors such as purple, which is very suitable for the bedroom and calms the soul, and tries to get more facts about colors, but this is while the science of healing using Colors date back to 2000 years ago

Color therapy is a holistic treatment that uses the color and spectrum of visible light to affect a person's mood and mental and physical health. Each color has its own frequency and vibration that can have certain capabilities and affect the energy and frequencies within our body. Colors affect the human nervous system and help to improve mental disorders and nervous problems, and the use of appropriate colors can help to remove unpleasant feelings, remove blockages and restore mental, emotional, mental and ultimately physical balance.

If you have high blood pressure, just look blue. Blue has a calming effect on your body and lowers blood pressure. And red has exactly the opposite effect. Green is another color that can create a sense of calm in those who are emotionally unbalanced. Yellow, on the other hand, is used to create excitement in people who may be suffering from depression. In fact, the reason for the many effects that colors have on the human body is due to the existence of human colored halos. Knowing the color of your halo gives you the power to know your soul better and to purify it. Human have the seven main chakras, each of which has different colors, and the seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, respectively, the colors of these 7 chakras, which the presence of these colors around you causes It cleanses your chakras and greatly heals your soul.

Color is absorbed through our skin, eyes, skull and halo or field of magnetic energy and affects us at various levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each person depends on their mental and physical condition, the colors of their halo are different from other people, and by knowing the color of your halo, you will be able to better understand your inner characteristics. The larger your bad halo or magnetic field, the more resistant you are to psychological damage and act like shields against the onslaught of arrows.

The existence of human colored halos and the existence of all the colors of the rainbow on this amazing planet is not accidental at all. There is nothing on earth by chance. The existence of everything in nature has a purpose. Colors are no exception to this rule. All we have to do in this regard is to increase our awareness of colors and their impact on life. A professional healer can help you with this; However, the ability to heal and heal within yourself.

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