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What you need to eat if you want to have a balanced body?

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There are seven chakras or seven spiritual centers in our body which are in related to our emotions and functions. Alignment of the chakras in a healthy way will help to balance our energy and optimize our function. Aligning other spiritual works like yoga, meditation with the right nutritions helps with spirituality live in the present, consciousness and enlightenment.

Here is explained all what you have to eat to balance your chakras:

1- The chakra located top of the head and called Crown Chakra that is connected to "enlightenment". What you should eat to engage more with enlightenment? Light fruits and vegetables that are connected to roots. Also, you can nourish your chakra with doing outdoor activities, drinking lot's of water and taking sun bath.

2- Chakra located between your eyes and above your brows called Third Eye Chakra and it is connected to critical thinking and clarity What you need to eat to nourish this chakra? Dark blue or purple foods like purple broccoli, kale, carrots, beans, eggplant and grapes ...

3- Chakra located in the center of throat called Throat Chakra and it is connected to speaking, expression and voice. What you need to eat to support this chakra and express yourself truly? Light blue foods like berries that are full of antioxidant and figs ...

4- Chakra located in the center of the chest called Heart Chakra and it is connected to Love, Gratitude, Joy and compassion. How you can support this chakra to have a balanced heart? Green foods is the colour of this chakra like green vegetables, green fruits specifically apples and kiwis ...

5- Chakra located above the navel called Solar Plexus Chakra and it is connected to Self-esteem. How you can improve your personal power and know better who you are? Yellow foods like bananas, lentils, yellow bell peppers, lemons, oats ...

6- Chakra located below the navel and called Sacral Chakra and it is connected to creativity, passion and commitment. What you need to eat to support this chakra? Dark orange fruits like orange, tangerine, mangoes, pumpkins, carrots, yams ..

7- Chakra located in the base of spine called Root Chakra and it is connected to security and feeling safe. How to support this chakra with your diet? Red colour is the colour of this chakra and you need to eat strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate, cherry. Red vegetables like beets and red bed peppers. Red meets ...

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